Barraga: Visual Efficiency Program

The Barraga Visual Efficiency Program (BVEP) provides information and materials to evaluate needs and to design instruction to maximize use of available vision. The information and materials in this program address the needs of students with low vision who have ocular impairments and who have achieved cognitive developmental skills at or beyond the 3-year-old level. Products for evaluation and instruction of students who have cortical/cerebral visual impairment (CVI) and students at the sensorimotor level (infants, toddlers, and students with severe visual and multiple impairments) are described in Tools for the Evaluation and Instruction of Sensory Efficiency Skills (page G-14). Some of the instructional designs used in this program may be appropriate for students who have cortical visual impairment if they are developmentally 3 years old or older and if appropriate accommodations are used.

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Natalie Barraga, A Message Natalie Barraga, A Conversation

This website provides electronic assessment forms for the BVEP. (Select “Create New Student.”) It also contains links to accessible formats of the BVEP books, which includes the guidebook, evaluation book, instruction book, and the evaluation tool. This website also has links to a video message from Dr. Natalie Barraga and an interview of Dr. Barraga by one of her former students, Millie Smith, who is the lead author of the BVEP. APH created downloadable coloring pages of the BVEP art that may be used in teacher-created expansion lessons or take home activities.

To maintain confidentiality of you and your students, you must register on the BVEP website before entering information. To share or transfer a student, the recipient must first register on the BVEP website.